GameStop, the video game retailer that has been the center of attention due to the meme trader “Roaring Kitty,” recently reported its fiscal first-quarter results. Unfortunately, the numbers were far from impressive. The company’s net sales for the period dropped by a significant 29% from the previous year, landing at $881.8 million. This decline was even more drastic than what Wall Street analysts had predicted. It’s clear that GameStop is still struggling to turn its operations around despite the high trading activity surrounding its stock.

During the first quarter, GameStop reported a loss of $32.3 million, although this was a slight improvement from the $50.5 million loss in the same period the year before. Additionally, the company announced plans to sell an additional 75 million shares on top of the 45 million shares it had already sold in May, raising over $900 million. These measures indicate that GameStop is in need of capital infusion and is looking to bolster its financial position through stock sales.

The market reacted negatively to GameStop’s first-quarter results, with the stock trading down 14% after plunging 20% in early trading following the earnings release. Although the stock had initially surged 30% in overnight trading ahead of the report, the results seem to have dampened investor sentiment. The stock had experienced a significant rally of 47% the day before the earnings report, driven by anticipation of a YouTube livestream by Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty. Gill, who has been a vocal supporter of GameStop, may provide insights during the livestream about his significant stake in the company.

GameStop’s stock performance has been closely tied to the actions and commentary of Roaring Kitty. Since Gill resumed posting about the company after a hiatus, the stock has seen impressive gains. Quarter to date, GameStop’s stock has surged by more than 271%, showcasing the impact of social media influencers and retail traders on the stock market.

GameStop’s latest fiscal results highlight the challenges the company continues to face in improving its financial performance. Despite the excitement generated by traders like Roaring Kitty, the fundamental struggles of the business are evident in the disappointing numbers. As investors wait for further updates from the company and influencers, the future trajectory of GameStop remains uncertain.


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