Cricket, a sport that may not be as mainstream in the United States as it is in other parts of the world, is gaining traction with the help of high-profile CEOs and investors. As the Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup unfolds with the U.S. as a co-host for the first time, an impressive sum close to a billion dollars has been poured into the American cricket scene. Among the notable personalities investing in the new professional league, Major League Cricket, are Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. Additionally, other key investors such as Iconic Ventures, Madrona Venture Group, and Google executives have shown their commitment to the advancement of cricket in the U.S.

The enthusiasm for cricket’s potential in the U.S. is evident in the significant financial investments being made. Approximately $850 million is currently in the pipeline to develop a sustainable cricket league in the country, according to informed sources. Presently, Major League Cricket comprises six professional teams, each anticipated to allocate between $75 million and $100 million for team creation, talent recruitment, and stadium construction. This investment lays the groundwork for a vibrant cricket environment that aims to engage fans across the nation.

The ongoing T20 World Cup, hosted across multiple venues in the U.S. and the West Indies, has sparked heightened interest and excitement among cricket enthusiasts. The recent victory of the U.S. team against Pakistan has intensified the anticipation for upcoming matches, particularly the India vs. Pakistan showdown scheduled at the newly developed Nassau County stadium in New York. It is worth noting that the previous India-Pakistan match attracted over 300 million viewers in India, illustrating the massive appeal and fervor surrounding this cricket rivalry.

Key stakeholders in the U.S. cricket scene are focused on tapping into the dedicated fan base of cricket enthusiasts, particularly from South Asia, residing in the country. Satyan Gajwani, the vice chairman of Times Internet and a major investor in Major League Cricket, emphasized the loyalty and passion of the five million devoted South Asian fans in the U.S. Additionally, expatriates from the U.K. and Australia who have settled in America also contribute significantly to the growing cricket fan base. With South Asians exhibiting the highest average income among ethnic groups in the U.S., there is substantial disposable income available for sports and entertainment activities, creating a lucrative market for cricket ventures.

While the potential for cricket’s rise in the U.S. is promising, the sports landscape dominated by basketball and football poses significant challenges. M.R. Rangaswami, founder and chairman of Indiaspora, acknowledges the competitive nature of the American sports market. He suggests that leveraging the similarities between baseball and cricket could serve as an entry point to attract fans and establish the sport within the mainstream sports scene. As cricket continues to make strides in the U.S., it will be essential for stakeholders to navigate these challenges and leverage the growing enthusiasm among diverse communities to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of cricket in the country.


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