Keith Gill, the man behind the recent GameStop stock frenzy, seems to be unwavering in his commitment to his position in the company. Despite GameStop’s roller-coaster ride in the stock market, Gill, also known as “DeepF——Value” on Reddit and “Roaring Kitty” on YouTube, has held onto his 5 million shares of GameStop and 120,000 call options with a strike price of $20 that expire on June 21.

The information regarding Keith Gill’s holdings was shared on Reddit’s r/SuperStonk forum, but CNBC was unable to independently verify the data. This lack of verification raises questions about the validity of the claims made by Gill. Without concrete evidence to support his position, it becomes challenging to determine the true extent of his involvement in GameStop.

The recent surge in GameStop’s stock price has been met with a great deal of market volatility and speculation. After climbing 21% in a single day, with intraday spikes of up to 70%, GameStop’s stock has experienced significant fluctuations. This level of instability can be risky for investors, especially those with large positions like Keith Gill.

One of the key concerns surrounding Keith Gill’s position in GameStop is the possibility of market manipulation. A report from the Wall Street Journal indicated that E-Trade, the brokerage Gill uses, is considering banning him from the platform due to concerns about market manipulation. This scrutiny further adds to the skepticism surrounding Gill’s activities in the stock market.

Despite the increase in the value of his GameStop holdings, from $115.7 million to $140 million in a single day, Keith Gill has chosen not to sell his shares. This decision to hold onto his position may be seen as a bold move in the face of market volatility, but it also raises questions about his long-term strategy and objectives.

Keith Gill’s unwavering commitment to his GameStop position and the speculation surrounding his activities in the stock market have sparked a great deal of controversy. The lack of verifiable information, combined with concerns about market manipulation, make Gill’s position in GameStop a topic of intense scrutiny. Only time will tell how this situation will unfold and what impact it will have on both Gill and the wider stock market.


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