At the tender age of 13, Christina Lewis was faced with complexities that most teenagers could never fathom. The tragic loss of her father, Reginald Lewis, the founder of TLC Beatrice International, left her in a world of sudden inheritance and perplexing financial decisions. The introduction to wealth management at such a young age set the foundation for her future endeavors and her vision of revolutionizing the traditional approach to managing family assets.

The Journey to Beatrice Advisors

Throughout the next 30 years, Lewis encountered a series of institutional wealth managers and relationship managers as she navigated the intricate world of family wealth. Her diverse experience, coupled with her success in establishing her own family office and overseeing two foundations, led her to embark on a new venture – Beatrice Advisors. This multifamily office is designed to cater to the needs of the next generation of inheritors, embracing inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment as its core values.

Beatrice Advisors sets itself apart from traditional wealth management firms by adopting a holistic approach to family assets. In a rapidly evolving landscape where $84 trillion is expected to shift across generations in the next 30 years, the focus on educating and empowering young inheritors becomes paramount. Lewis envisions a future where wealth management transcends financial aspects and encompasses values, skills, and life trajectories.

One of the key principles of Beatrice Advisors is to welcome a diverse clientele in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender. By recognizing the importance of representing various perspectives in wealth management, the firm aims to create a more inclusive and dynamic environment for its clients. The emphasis on empowerment, education, and autonomy signifies a departure from traditional patriarchal models of wealth management.

Acknowledging the tech-savvy nature of today’s younger generation, Beatrice Advisors has invested in building a high-tech dashboard that provides clients with real-time insights into their portfolios. While the firm offers expert advice and guidance, clients are encouraged to take the reins and drive their financial decisions. This collaborative approach ensures that clients are actively involved in managing their wealth and assets.

Multifamily offices like Beatrice Advisors combine the personalized service of single-family offices with the collective resources of investment firms. Beyond investment management, these offices handle a wide range of services, including tax planning, trusts, family governance, philanthropy, and legal matters. As ultra-wealthy families seek expertise in generational wealth transitions, multifamily offices have emerged as a preferred choice for comprehensive wealth management solutions.

A Vision for the Future

Christina Lewis’s journey from a young stock portfolio manager to the founder of Beatrice Advisors is a testament to her resilience and dedication to empowering the next generation. With a focus on tax efficiency, customized investment structures, and client-centric services, Beatrice Advisors aims to cater to clients with net worth ranging from $25 million to $300 million. By making wealth advice accessible to a diverse and young population, Lewis hopes to transform the landscape of wealth management and impact families in a positive way.


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