Grant Cardone, a multimillionaire with around 15 years of experience in art collecting, describes himself as a spontaneous buyer rather than a connoisseur. According to Cardone, if he likes a piece of art, he buys it without concerning himself with the artist behind it. His collection, displayed throughout his home and in an art gallery, includes works by renowned artists such as American graffiti artist Retna and pop artist Burton Morris. Cardone emphasizes the personal fulfillment he derives from his art collection, contrasting it with traditional investments like the stock market that do not provide him with the same level of satisfaction.

In contrast to Cardone’s spontaneous approach, former investment banker Christian Levett has been collecting art for almost 30 years with a focus on old master paintings and antiquities before transitioning to abstract expressionist works by female artists. Levett houses his extensive collection in his home in Florence, Italy, which serves as a private art museum with original frescoes and two floors of art dedicated to female artists like Joan Mitchell and Elaine de Kooning. Levett’s passion for art extends to sharing his collection with students and patrons, aiming to spark interest and support for the arts in the future.

Christian and Karen Boros have created a distinctive art space in Berlin by converting a World War II bunker into a five-floor exhibition space for their private collection. The couple, both art enthusiasts, live in a penthouse apartment above the bunker, where they showcase a rotating selection of artworks focusing on the human body and technological influences. The Boros Collection has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors since its conversion, highlighting the couple’s dedication to sharing their passion for art in a truly unique setting.

The world of art collecting among multimillionaires encompasses a wide range of approaches and philosophies, from the spontaneous buying style of Grant Cardone to the traditional art collection of Christian Levett and the unique exhibition space of Christian and Karen Boros. These collectors demonstrate the diverse motivations and inspirations behind acquiring and showcasing art, from personal enjoyment and fulfillment to cultural preservation and education. Each collection reflects the individual tastes and values of the collectors, enriching the art world with their unique perspectives and contributions.

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