Netflix has reported a significant increase in the number of monthly active users for its cheaper, ad-supported tier. The company stated that the ad-supported tier has now amassed 40 million global monthly active users, which is almost double the figure shared earlier this year. This surge in popularity highlights the growing demand for more affordable streaming options among consumers.

In addition to the increase in ad-supported tier users, Netflix also announced its plans to launch its own advertising platform. This move signifies a shift in the company’s strategy, as it will no longer partner with Microsoft for the technology. Instead, Netflix aims to take more control over its advertising capabilities and generate additional revenue through targeted ads.

The introduction of the ad-supported tier in November 2022 was part of Netflix’s broader efforts to drive revenue amidst slowing subscriber growth. By offering a cheaper plan with ads, the company has been able to attract a significant portion of new signups. In fact, 40% of all signups in countries where the ad tier is available are opting for the more affordable option.

Netflix’s decision to no longer provide quarterly subscriber number updates reflects a shift in focus towards other growth metrics. The company emphasized that its profitability and free cash flow are strong indicators of success, and that membership numbers are not the sole driver of growth. With the introduction of multiple price points for memberships, Netflix believes that subscriber figures alone do not capture the full picture of its performance.

The increasing popularity of Netflix’s ad-supported tier comes at a time when traditional linear TV audiences are declining. As more consumers turn to streaming platforms for entertainment, companies like Netflix are capitalizing on this shift in viewing habits. While Netflix remains a dominant player in the streaming industry, it faces competition from other media companies looking to establish their own profitable streaming services.

Overall, Netflix’s growth in ad-supported tier users showcases the company’s ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and consumer preferences. By offering more affordable options and expanding its advertising capabilities, Netflix is positioning itself for continued success in the competitive streaming landscape.


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