On Monday, U.S. stocks saw a rise following the previous session’s gains, with the S & P 500, Dow, and Nasdaq all increasing by over 1% in response to a softer-than-expected jobs report. Investors were pleased with indications that the Federal Reserve’s efforts to tighten monetary policy were having a positive impact on the U.S. economy, potentially paving the way for interest rate cuts.

Former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, took to LinkedIn to express his views on the need for the coffee giant to enhance its U.S. store experience in order to regain customers. This message came on the heels of a disappointing quarter for Starbucks, which led to a reduction in the full-year forecast and a significant drop in the stock price. Jim Cramer acknowledged that while a poor quarter was anticipated, the extent of the decline was unexpected. Despite these developments, the CNBC Investing Club has chosen not to take immediate action on Starbucks stock.

Walt Disney experienced a 1.5% increase in value after Deutsche Bank and Loop Capital analysts raised their price targets for the company. With Disney set to report earnings on Tuesday, investors will be monitoring updates on the performance of its direct-to-consumer business, including streaming services like Disney+ and Hulu. Expectations are high for this sector to move closer to profitability, with potential breakeven figures being seen as positive news for shareholders.

Subscribers to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer are provided with trade alerts prior to any trades being made. Jim Cramer adheres to a waiting period of 45 minutes after issuing a trade alert before making any transactions in the charitable trust’s portfolio. Additionally, if a stock has been discussed on CNBC TV, Jim waits 72 hours before executing the trade. It is crucial to note that participation in the CNBC Investing Club is subject to their terms and conditions, privacy policy, and disclaimer, and that no specific outcome or profit is guaranteed.

Overall, the CNBC Investing Club’s Morning Meeting provided valuable insights into the current market trends, individual company performances, and trading strategies adopted by Jim Cramer. Investors and subscribers alike can benefit from staying informed and following the recommended practices outlined by the CNBC Investing Club.


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