It has been announced that Aaron LaBerge, the Chief Technology Officer for Disney Entertainment and ESPN, will be leaving the company to take on a new role as the CTO of PENN Entertainment. This news comes as a surprise to many, as LaBerge has been a key figure in the development of Disney’s streaming services and the integration of advertising into Disney+.

According to an internal memo, LaBerge’s departure is due to personal reasons related to his family. Despite this, he will continue to work at Disney until June to ensure a smooth transition. LaBerge has been instrumental in driving technology strategy for Disney and ESPN, making his departure a significant loss for the company.

LaBerge’s departure adds to a growing list of veteran Disney executives who have left the company in recent years. This includes former CEO Bob Chapek, former head of streaming Kevin Mayer, and other top executives. The loss of LaBerge will undoubtedly be felt across the organization, especially in the areas of streaming services and technology innovation.

Successor Search

A search for LaBerge’s successor is already underway, with Disney’s executive vice president of content operations, Chris Lawson, slated to take over on an interim basis. Finding a suitable replacement for LaBerge will be crucial for Disney and ESPN as they continue to innovate and expand their technology capabilities.

Legacy of Aaron LaBerge

Throughout his 20 years at Disney, LaBerge has played a pivotal role in setting the vision and strategic leadership for the company’s use of technology. He has been instrumental in driving innovation, enabling storytelling, and creating exceptional consumer experiences with entertainment and sports content. His contributions will be remembered as Disney and ESPN move forward in the ever-changing media landscape.

The departure of Aaron LaBerge is a significant loss for Disney and ESPN, as he leaves behind a legacy of innovation and leadership. As the company looks to the future, finding a suitable replacement for LaBerge will be crucial to ensure continued success in technology development and digital entertainment. Despite the challenges ahead, Disney and ESPN remain committed to delivering exceptional experiences for their consumers and driving forward in the competitive media industry.


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