Keith Gill, widely known as “Roaring Kitty” in online platforms, has recently disclosed that he has increased his ownership in GameStop’s common stock. According to a screenshot posted on Reddit’s Superstonk forum, Gill now holds over 9 million GameStop shares and more than $6 million in cash. This significant increase in ownership is a notable development in the ongoing saga of meme stocks and retail trading.

The Transition in Gill’s Portfolio

On June 2, when Gill first began disclosing his position in GameStop, his portfolio consisted of 5 million shares along with 120,000 call options against the company. Call options grant the holder the right to buy shares at a specified price by a certain expiration date. The transition from this initial position to the current one of 9.001 million shares raises questions about Gill’s trading strategy and the actions he took to acquire these additional shares.

Speculations and Trading Activity

The surge in trading volume of GameStop call contracts with a strike price of $20 and an expiration date of June 21, matching Gill’s holdings, led to speculations that Gill may have started offloading his position. The declining prices of GameStop shares and call options further fueled these speculations. The complexity of options trading and the various strategies that can be employed make it difficult to determine the exact moves made by Gill to reach his current position.

The total value of Gill’s portfolio, including cash, has surpassed $268 million as of Thursday evening, up from $210 million on June 2. The significant increase in portfolio value is reflective of the recent surge in GameStop shares, which surged more than 14% on Thursday. The market impact of Gill’s trading activity and ownership in GameStop is evident in the company’s recent equity sale and the heightened interest in its shareholder meetings.

GameStop, the video game retailer at the center of the meme stock frenzy, recently raised over $2 billion in an equity sale. The company intends to utilize the proceeds for general corporate purposes, including potential acquisitions and investments. The influx of capital from the equity sale highlights GameStop’s efforts to capitalize on the renewed interest and support from retail traders and meme stock enthusiasts.

Keith Gill’s increasing ownership in GameStop and the evolving dynamics of his portfolio underscore the ongoing volatility and speculation surrounding meme stocks. The market impact of retail traders and individual investors, like Gill, continues to shape the landscape of stock trading and investment strategies. As the saga of meme stocks unfolds, the actions and decisions of key players, such as Gill, will remain under scrutiny and speculation in the ever-changing world of stock trading.


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