On Wednesday, U.S. stocks showed mixed performance as Wall Street awaited the Federal Reserve’s policy decision scheduled for the afternoon. With Fed chief Jerome Powell set to deliver remarks during a press conference, traders were eagerly looking for clues on the possibility of rate cuts in the near future. Despite the expectation that interest rates would remain unchanged, there was a sense of caution in the air as investors analyzed recent economic data, including weaker-than-expected consumer confidence numbers.

Dupont De Nemours stock experienced a significant surge of over 8% following the release of its quarterly earnings report. The positive signs of recovery in the company’s semiconductor business were particularly noteworthy, reflecting the initial investment made in the materials giant. CEO Ed Breen’s leadership was highlighted as a driving force behind the company’s success, with Jim Cramer expressing satisfaction with the current trajectory of DuPont.

Estee Lauder, on the other hand, saw a decline of more than 10% despite reporting solid fiscal third-quarter numbers. The market’s reaction was largely influenced by the cosmetic firm’s current-quarter outlook and revised organic sales projections, which fell short of expectations. Jim Cramer remained optimistic about Estee Lauder’s future, suggesting that the worst may be behind the company despite the day’s stock decline.

Amazon delivered impressive quarterly results that were well-received by investors. However, the stock’s gains on Wednesday were relatively muted due to management’s slightly conservative guidance for the current quarter. Despite this, there was confidence in Amazon’s ability to outperform expectations, with Jim Cramer emphasizing the company’s habit of exceeding projections. The Club raised its price target for Amazon, reflecting its positive outlook on the tech giant’s future performance.

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