The recent earnings season has given analysts a lot to consider when it comes to the impact of macro challenges on companies. While many on Wall Street are focused on short-term stock movements following quarterly results, the top analysts are looking at the long-term prospects of companies. According to TipRanks, a platform that ranks analysts based on their past performance, there are three stocks that are currently favored by the Street’s top professionals.

One of these stocks is Netflix (NFLX), which has recently reported better-than-expected results for the first quarter of 2024. Despite this positive news, some investors were disappointed with the company’s decision to stop reporting quarterly subscriber numbers. However, BMO Capital analyst Brian Pitz remains optimistic about Netflix, reaffirming a buy rating on NFLX stock with a price target of $713. Pitz highlighted the company’s addition of 9.3 million subscribers, exceeding both BMO’s and the Street’s estimates. He also emphasized Netflix’s ability to continue growing, particularly in the U.S., where the company added 2.5 million net subscribers in the first quarter. Pitz believes that Netflix’s focus on content investments positions it well for ongoing growth, especially as traditional TV viewership declines.

Another stock favored by analysts is General Motors (GM), which recently announced impressive first-quarter results and raised its full-year guidance, driven by strong performance in North America. Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Delaney reiterated a buy rating on the stock and increased the price target to $52. Delaney believes that GM’s margins will remain resilient, supported by cost efficiencies and firm pricing. He also sees promise in the company’s progress in the electric vehicle market, with GM expecting positive variable profits from its EV business in the second half of this year. Delaney is optimistic about GM’s capital allocation strategy, anticipating higher returns to shareholders beyond 2024, including an aggressive buyback plan.

The third stock favored by analysts is Wingstop (WING), a restaurant chain with over 2,200 locations worldwide. Baird analyst David Tarantino recently highlighted the company’s potential for growth, particularly in the domestic market. Wingstop aims to scale its presence to over 7,000 global locations in the long term, with a significant opportunity for expansion in the U.S. Baird’s analysis suggests that the company could operate at least 5,000 locations domestically. Tarantino is confident in Wingstop’s unit-level cash-on-cash returns and sees the company as deserving a significant valuation premium due to its strong operating momentum and attractive growth profile. Looking ahead, Tarantino is optimistic about Wingstop’s ability to maintain mid-teen annual revenue growth and a capital-efficient growth model.

These three stocks – Netflix, General Motors, and Wingstop – are currently favored by top analysts for their long-term growth potential. Each company has its unique strengths and growth opportunities, making them attractive investment options for investors looking beyond short-term market fluctuations. As analysts continue to monitor these stocks, it will be interesting to see how they perform in the coming quarters and years.


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