In April, signed sales contracts on existing homes experienced a significant drop of 7.7% compared to March, marking the slowest pace since April 2020. This decline, reported by the National Association of Realtors, raises concerns as pending sales serve as a forward-looking indicator of closed sales in the upcoming months. Furthermore, pending sales were also down by 7.4% when compared to April of the previous year.

The observed decrease in sales can be attributed to the surge in mortgage rates during the same period. The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage spiked from 6.9% at the end of March to 7.5% by the end of April. This rise in rates, as reported by Mortgage News Daily, significantly impacted buyer behavior amidst climbing home prices and limited supply, resulting in heightened competition within the market.

While sales were down nationwide, the Midwest and West regions experienced the most substantial declines. The Midwest, known for its affordability, and the West, recognized for its high-priced markets, faced challenges in home sales due to the prevalent market conditions. Nevertheless, Chief Economist Lawrence Yun from the NAR remains optimistic about the overall stability of home prices, foreseeing minimal price declines in most markets.

As the slow sales pace continued in April, the share of sellers implementing price cuts escalated to 6.4% in May, reaching the highest level since 2022. Moreover, the median asking price witnessed a drop for the first time in six months, indicating the shift towards a more buyer-friendly market. Additionally, the active inventory in April saw a significant 30% increase compared to the previous year, hinting at a potentially busier summer market ahead.

Outlook for the Housing Market

While the housing market faced challenges in April, with declining sales and fluctuating mortgage rates, there is hope for improvement in the coming months. Economists predict that the anticipated rate cut by the Federal Reserve later this year will enhance affordability and encourage both buyers and sellers to re-enter the market. Despite the regional variations in market conditions, the overall housing landscape is expected to stabilize, providing opportunities for potential buyers to make informed decisions.

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