GameStop’s annual shareholder meeting faced major disruptions due to computer problems, with servers crashing under an overwhelming amount of interest in the stream. The meeting was scheduled to start at 11 a.m. ET and was hosted on ComputerShare. However, many participants encountered error messages when trying to access the event, indicating that the page couldn’t load. According to reports on social media and CNBC’s own investigation, the technical glitches prevented stockholders from joining the meeting.

A customer service representative for ComputerShare informed CNBC that they were experiencing a “mass amount” of issues due to the high volume of people trying to access the meeting. The servers seemed unable to handle the traffic and were not prepared for the number of accounts attempting to log in. ComputerShare’s technical team was actively working to resolve the problem, and they advised interested parties to try logging in every 5 to 10 minutes to check for updates.

The technical difficulties at the annual shareholder meeting occurred amidst a new meme stock frenzy, triggered by the return of Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, to social media after a lengthy absence. Gill’s influential online presence in the trading community, particularly his significant investments in GameStop, has led to a surge in retail trader activity. GameStop’s stock price saw a 14.4% increase on the day of the disrupted meeting, reflecting the ongoing volatility in the market.

GameStop recently announced that it raised over $2 billion through an equity sale, capitalizing on the renewed interest in meme stocks. The company stated that the funds would be used for general corporate purposes, including potential acquisitions and investments. Traders closely followed Roaring Kitty’s actions, as his selling activity could impact the stock price. A significant sell-off in GameStop shares coincided with a surge in call option trading on Wednesday, potentially linked to Roaring Kitty’s large holdings.

The call options with a $20 strike price and June 21 expiration date experienced a substantial increase in volume, with over 93,000 contracts traded on Wednesday alone. Despite a sudden drop in the price of these contracts during the session, Roaring Kitty’s ownership of 120,000 contracts raised questions about his influence on the market. While it remains unclear if Roaring Kitty was directly involved in the trading activity, the decreasing open interest on these calls suggests a potential shift in his position.

The technical disruptions during GameStop’s annual shareholder meeting highlight the challenges posed by increased market interest and online trading phenomena. The impact of meme stock trends on individual stocks like GameStop underscores the need for vigilance and strategic decision-making in response to market dynamics. As investors and traders navigate these volatile conditions, they must remain informed and adaptable to capitalize on opportunities while mitigating risks.


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